Hello, Lovelies! Welcome to this week’s episode and blog post featuring the wonderful Dr. Ruth Westheimer! Following the information about the podcast featured during this week’s drink break is a lot of links for ya’ll to check out Dr. Ruth in pretty much all the places.

This week’s drink break is brought to you by the Cryptid Technical Podcast! This podcast is all about cryptozoology with a little bit of nerd and a lot of humor. You can check them out by Clicking Here or on their logo!

You can find Dr. Ruth’s Twitter by Clicking Here!

After doing a quick search on Amazon, there’s quite a few books she’s featured in (including the Sex For Dummies). So if you Click Here you’ll not only find quite a few books but also some shows you can stream on Amazon.

She also has her own YouTube Channel, which you can check out by Clicking Here. Below are a couple additional YouTube playlists featuring older videos of Dr. Ruth for you to choose from.

Or, you can go straight to YouTube by Clicking Here to see what videos pop up using the search terms “Doctor Ruth Westheimer”. (There’s a video of Ruth with Ellen Degeneres!)