EP28: The Wheel of Torture

Hello, Lovelies! In this blog post you’ll find pictures of a few of the many medieval torture devices Ashley taught us about this week! (Don’t worry, below you’ll find only the devices, not images of them being used).

EP22: A What?! A Foot!!

Hello, Lovelies! We hope you enjoyed this week’s saga! (We had a lot of fun recording it) Tiffany and Rebecca are still wrapping their heads around that this story actually happened. If you’re curious, here’s the IMDb Link and the Rotten Tomatoes Link. As of the release of this episode, Read more…

EP19: The Devil’s Afoot

Hello, lovelies! Welcome to the blog post about the Salem Witch Trials! Here, you’ll find some interesting pictures found during our research and information on this week’s drink break!         To the right, you will find an illustration Giles Corey, who was sentenced to be pressed after Read more…

EP7: No Rest for the Wicked

Hello, lovelies! Welcome to sleep paralysis! (Also known as Tiffany and Rebecca’s worst nightmare).   As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, this week’s drink refill is brought to you by the ladies of Wine and Crime! You can find them on whatever your preferred podcast streaming method is and Read more…

EP4: All Hallow’s Eve

Happy Halloween, lovelies! Here, you’ll find an album of some of our favorite Halloween costumes, a picture of a soul pie, and if you click here you can read the poem “Halloween” by Robert Burns. Keep it strange, lovelies!