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Rebecca’s Notes

Located in the middle of a Nevada desert, outside of the town Rachel and by Groom Lake, is a unit of the Nellis Airforce Base called the Nevada Test and Training Range.

The land for the base was withdrawn in 1958 by the US Department of Energy’s predecessor, the US Atomic Energy Comission, under Public Land Order 1662.

The land is 38,400 acres (15,540 hectares) and is roughly 120 miles NorthWest of Las Vegas.

The base is off limits to the public, with the closest legal vantage point being 26 miles away at Tikaboo Peak

For years citizens have tried to get closer to this mysterious government facility, a dangerous feat considering the guards who patrol the base in trucks are allowed to use deadly force against someone trying to get too close.

Luckily, that has not been necessary yet, but you will be fined $600 by the local police if you venture too close.

While the Nevada Test and Training Range is known by other names, such as “Paradise Ranch”, “Watertown”, or just “The Ranch”, the most well known name is “Area 51”. The name originates from the base’s location on the map.

While Area 51 eventually housed testing for the ST-71 Blackbird, F-117 NightHawk, and the A-12 (known as “OxCart”), the base is most well known for the conspiracy that it is actually a holding and testing facility for UFOs, widely believed to be alien spacecraft.

A June 2019 conducted by YouGov discovered the following when asking people if they thought the US Government knows about UFOs and just isn’t telling us:

  • 54% of adults think that this is true
  • 27% say UFO secrecy is unlikely
  • 19% said they do now know
  • Americans between the ages of 45 – 54 are more likely to believe that the government has confidential information on UFOs

Roswell Incident

Once conspiracy that’s very closely linked to Area 51 is the Roswell incident happened during the UFO craze that immediately followed the end of WWII.

In June of 1947 W.W. Brazel (who went by “Mac”) discovered some strange debris near Roswell, New Mexico that included materials such as tin foil, rubber bands, and sticks.

After about a month, Mac took this material to the local sheriff who then contacted the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF).

On July 8, Lt. Walter Haut, under the orders of Col. William Blanchard, issued a press release stating that the RAAF was in possession of a flying saucer. The Roswell Daily Record released the story with the headline “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region.”

The military immediately responded stating that the recovered debris was actually a weather balloon carrying radar equipment. The Roswell Morning Dispatch released the story on July 9 with the headline “Army Debunks Roswell Flying Disk as World Simmers with Excitement.”

Part of this story included an interview with Brazel, who said he didn’t recognize some of the pieces that he had found (pieces that were probably radar equipment)

In 1994, the air force admitted (released? stated?) that the materials recovered by Brazel were part of a US Spy Balloon.

While we know now that there’s a rational explanation for the discovered debris, the fact that the original announcement by the US government that a UFO was recovered was almost immediately corrected by someone higher up the food chain left people from then on suspicious of what the US Government knows about alien life and, more importantly, what they’re not telling us.

The Raid on Area 51

In late June of 2019 a Facebook event started popping up in people’s feeds

The event was set for September 20 and was titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” with the description:

“We will all meet up in Rural Nevada and coordinate our parties. If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Let’s see them aliens.”

The event is currently hosted and created by The Hidden Sound, SmyleeKun, and Shit Posting Because I’m In Shambles. (check out the website by clicking here)

The even saw little traction for the first few days, then, thanks to the miracle that is the internet, the event went viral, and as of researching this (September 2 2019) there are around 2 million people going with 1.5 million people interested.

It was in mid July, when the event received replies from roughly 1 million people, that Matty Roberts got a visit from the FBI and he started to quickly change his tune.

When interviewed by ABC news, Roberts had a message for all those planning to attend: “Please don’t.”

That being said, the Air Force has stated that they’re ready for anything and Lincoln County is currently in a state of emergency.

So what to do? Instead of raiding Area 51, Robert announced on the Today show that there are plans to hold an Alienstock in the small town of Rachel, Nevada.

Alienstock would take place from September 20 – 22, and the hotel in the town, the Little A’Le’Inn, is booked.

Another challenge is the fact that the town of Rachel has stores and the closest gas station is 50 miles away. Not to mention that Rachel has a population of around 58 people.

As a warning, the town of Rachel put the following on their website

Alienstock event, WARNING: A little over two weeks out no preparations have been made by the organizers or by the county. In all likelihood it will be a Fyre Fest 2.0, a non-event with no bands, very little infrastructure and a lot of unhappy campers. Instead of paying big $$$ for a camp site on a dusty dirt lot among snakes, scorpions, tarantulas and other critters please visit Rachel another time.

It has been noted that there is another music festival happening on the same dates in Nye County, which is a few hours away from Rachel. It has been recommended that people go there instead since Nye County is actually prepare for massive amounts of people.

But… what about Nazis and UFOs?

It’s at this time I feel like I need to place a disclaimer, stating that most of this information came from wikipedia, various forum threads, and was unable to be verified by an authority in this matter.

After the end of World War 2 it is believed that the US government confiscated all the advanced Nazi technology

This began during Operation Paperclip, a covert operation between the US and British whose goal was so obtain and preserve as much German scientific and technological advancements, including Germany’s leading scientists and technology currently undergoing research.

It’s believed it was during this time that the US came into the possession of a bell-shaped object that defied gravity as it flew, 15 total of which were prototyped.

This object was called Die Clocke, or a Wanderwaffe (which means Miracle Weapon) and was 9 ft wide and 4 – 5 ft high, was manufactured from a heavy metal, and was copper in color.

This device was created by Third Reiche scientists working in the German facility known as Der Riese (“The Giant”) under the control of the Schutzstaffel (SS, literally stands for Protection Squadron), a paramilitary organization under the control of the Nazi Party.

This facility was located near the Wenceslaus Mine, close to the Czech border.

Near this mine is a concrete, circular structure known as “The Edge” that, while it could be the remains of a long lost cooling tower, is believed to be used to house the Die Glocke due to the iron rings that circle the top of the concrete structure, leading people to believe these iron rings would be used to tie down the Die Glocke as a form of docking station.

It’s unclear exactly how this device propelled itself, as its fuel source was Xerum 525, but many believe that the cockpit was circled by adjustable wing vanes. Adjusting these vanes during takeoff and flight would control the speed and direction of the craft.

Xerum 525 glowed either violet or red, was derived from blue almasi and agondium, both of which were mined from Mount Kenya, and was highly radioactive.

The Xerum 525 was stored inside two counter-rotating cylinders which enabled the device to have anti-gravity properties.

During use, Die Glocke had an area in which crystals would form within animal tissue, blood would gel, and plants would turn into grease.

Due to the fact that this device had anti gravity properties, many believe that the bell could travel across time and allow Nazis to fly into space.

Some believe that the Roswell incident was caused by one of these bell-shaped devices crash landing.

The conspiracy does not end here, with some people believing that a large group of Nazis fled to Antarctica before being captured, while others go so far to believe that Nazis did make contact with extraterrestrial life and that there is a community of lizard people living in Antarctica. This extraterrestrial life was reported to have the same values and even dressed and portrayed themselves as Nazi Soldiers. (That’s a whole other story for another day)

However, the Die Glocke was brought to the public attention when Igor Wirkowski, a Polish journalist, in his book “Prawda o Wunderwaffe” (The Truth About the Wonder Weapon) in 2000. Since then, “The Bell” has been adopted by other authors in various works of writing, with military journalist Nick Cook popularizing the device.

Igor Wirkowski

Witkowski claims the device is real, as he was shown classified transcripts in August of 1997 by an anonymous Polish intelligence contact, and stated he was only allowed to transcribe the documents, not take pictures.

To this day, nothing has been found that could be evidence to show the existence of such a wonder weapon. But maybe, somewhere, such as in a grandparent’s filing cabinet or an abandoned basement, lays schematics of a Miracle Weapon waiting to be discovered.



















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