BedBurg Wold Execution

Hello, Lovelies! This week you’ll find information on our Apple Podcast review giveaway and the sources to Tiffany’s subject! This week, Tiffany takes a singular source from 1590, and runs wild with it. “How wild?”, you ask. As wild as a werewolf (the Bedburg Werewolf to be precise).  Peter Stumpp was a wealthy farmer who sold his soul to the devil for a magic girdle (or belt… whatever) that turned him into a werewolf on demand.  Was he actually a werewolf? (Duh.) Was he a serial killer with a lot of body hair? Did the 1580’s (mis)understanding of mental health issues play a role in his conviction?  Or was Peter just a victim of the Catholic witch hunt against Protestants? Tune in and decide for yourself as Tiffany attempts to seduce you with ye olden language and girdles.

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