Hello, Lovelies! Welcome to the blog post featuring our first guest host, the incredible CK! (Tiffany is still fangirling over this one) Below you’ll find information about CK’s shows and some pictures Rebecca found related to this subject. Enjoy, Lovelies!

The first show that CK hosts is called Mirths and Monsters! A family friendly, surreal, informative show that follows CK and his dog Finn…and occasionally Rey the Barry Manilow obsessed cat turns up…as they journey across the globe and sometimes through time, to investigate the real stories behind myths, monsters and more.

The second show is Infernal Souls and Eternal Arseholes! Join Charlie the bagman Baglan, former inmate and current ghost of Alcatraz. Every two weeks he’ll inform you of a notorious inmate and what they were really like on the Rock.

Selkie statue in Mikladalur


Jason Mamoa… Wait… How did this get here?