Hello, Lovelies! Welcome to this week’s blog post featuring random facts with the Ladies! Below you’ll find information on Ruk’s show and Rebecca’s show notes. Enjoy!

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This week we have the honor of having Ruk join us! Ruk hosts the show 5 and 30 with Ruk! 5 and 30 With Ruk is a short form interview podcast. It will feature creators, voice actors, and host from many other podcasts. Each guest will be asked 5 random questions that will range from meaning of life stuff to flat out silly. After they answer each one they will be give 30 seconds to promote whatever they like.

Rebecca’s Notes

Thank you Reeses, Smudge, and Scy for this suggestion… a long while ago

Known as Criadillas, lamb fries, prairie oysters, to the Greek as “unmentionables” and to the Chinese as “tiny treasures” (did not try to attempt to pronounce the original translation)

Other names include buevos de toros, calf fries, swinging beef, cowboy caviar, or tendergroins

Many communities in the United States celebrate this low hanging delicacy with annual festivals dedicated to the Rocky Mountain Oyster

This story we’re gonna get “balls to the wall”, so before we get “balls to the wall”, where does this saying come from?

DISTRACTION ORIGIN STORY: Back during the time of planes, many aircraft would be controlled with a level or plunger acceleration mechanism. This mechanism would be tipped with a ball. Therefore, when you wanted to use maximum acceleration (or max thrust) you’d go “balls to the wall”

These delicacies can be served sauteed, sauced, or, most popular in the United States, deep fried in batter. Generally, before cooking, this delicacy is scalded, skinned, and soaked in cold water before cooking.

Writer Jessie Donaldson had this to say about the delicacy:

Calf fries are about the size of a cracker. The meat was surprisingly mellow, almost bland, and not spongy as I had expected. It tasted mainly like batter. When I finished, everyone looked to me for a verdict, so I grabbed a second before saying anything, figuring balls are best eaten in pairs.

Many cities in the United States, including Virginia City, Nevada, Fredericksburg, Texas, Montrose, Colorado, host their own festivals dedicated to this well rounded snack

The one held in Montana (from what I can tell the location changes or changed recently), is known as the “Testical Festival”, or “Testy Fest”.

The festival has typically been hosted in the middle of nowhere, away from major towns, and hosts many activities for the festival goers, including:

  • Bands
  • Testical Eating contests
  • Wet T-Shirt contest
  • And lots of (consensual) flashing from female attendees (yay beer!)
  • Something called the Undie 500



The Undie 500 is, long story short, a drunken relay:

  • Teams of 2
  • One team member steers a child’s tricycle while the second pushes
  • Once they reach the other side of the track, the rider jumps off and chugs a beer
  • The teammates switches places to race to the other end of the track where a second beer is rapidly consumed
  • All this must be completed while the team members are wearing tighty whities (the clip warned of nudity, didn’t watch it)

While it all seems like good raunchy fun the festival was canceled for 2018

After consuming too much alcohol a male attendee (James Bayforrd) was placed in a Jeep Wrangler, being used as a shuttle, and escorted back to his hotel. During the ride, he became annoyed at the driver grabbed the steering wheel, causing the Jeep to roll, killing both 33-year-old Vannessa Anderson and 36-year-old Donny Barlow and injuring 7 others. The man blew a 0.209.

The man pled guilty to 2 negligent homicides and 6 counts of negligent endangerment on October 14, 2019, agreeing to 30 years in state prison (15 for each negligent homicide)

This horrific incident, which occurred during the 2017 festival, caused the event to be cancelled for 2018. However, due to popular demand, the event returned in 2019 and is scheduled for May 14, 2020